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Of the countries covered by the BLS unemployment comparisons program, the unemployment rate in June 2013 decreased for Germany, Italy, and Japan, remained.Which countries have the lowest and highest unemployment rates.Employment in Italy As in many other places in the world, today Italy is experiencing a challenging time with regard to work and jobs.

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Italy Underemployment Rate historical data, charts, stats and more.

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There is also a low birth rate in the country which is driving the median age up.Italy Unemployment Rate current values, historical data and charts.

There have been predictions that by the 2050 the countries median age will be at 51 years of age.

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These activities are most common within the agriculture, construction, and service sectors.

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Italy Underemployment Rate is at 3.20%, compared to 3.30% last year.

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In a recession, the youth unemployment rate often rises more sharply and recovers more slowly than the average unemployment rate.

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Second, the evolution of the average European unemployment rate hides large cross-country differences. In Germany and Italy for example,.Historical Unemployment Rates in Canada - Canadian Unemployment Rates from 1946 to Present.

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View Florence, AZ employment information including: unemployment rates, income per capita, median household income, wages, poverty rates and more.Germany, Italy, and Japan, remained the same in the United States, and increased for.Discover data and research on the unemployment rate in Italy.

The average median age as of 2010 was 43.7 years of age total population (males:42.3 and females:45.3 years of age).Unemployment Rates - world statistics and charts as map, diagram and table.Recently released data shows that GDP expanded a meager 0.2% from the previous quarter in.COUNTRY COMPARISON:: UNEMPLOYMENT RATE. Italy: 11.40: 2016 est. 131: Maldives: 11.60: 2013 est. 132: Slovenia: 11.60: 2016 est. 133: Cyprus: 11.80: 2016 est. 134.

When comparing other industrial countries like France, UK, and Germany you can see that the unemployment rates are similar.

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German unemployment rate falls to record low. However, seven countries still have double-digit unemployment, with Italy at 11.7%, Spain at 20.1% and Greece at 24.4%.

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Italy is divided into industrial north, which is run by private companies, and agricultural south, with high unemployment.

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